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Text by Claude Fournier, friend and art lover

There is no age or time for a future Artist. Several were only recognize after their death.  Often becoming one, means being recognize.

Take advantage of its presence, of its all-colored canvases, not yet completely dried to know its brushstroke. Do not wait any more for this Artist, Korno his here. See his technique, his colors and his warmth emanating from his painting. Soak up its colors and guess a presence in each of his piece of art.

Korno transmits his humanity in his bright and mixtures of colors. He knows how to touch everyone’s soul. He also knows how to ignite in each of you this inner flame, this perpetual questioning of life. Looking at a painting by Korno is like a return to oneself where joyful memories mingle sad reminders, missed opportunities and moments of eternal happiness.

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